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Somehow I knew this might happen… December 30, 2009

Posted by tonightwillfall in Ramble.
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Dear Mr. and Mrs. The boy’s parents,

We’ve all done it, create a blog for when those bursts of witty quips happen in our inner monologue, blog for the first few weeks and then it gathers dust. The dust of the interwebs full of cyber skin cells and whatever else is floating around on here. (ew!)

After the Utah trip, life continued on as usual. Got back in school to finish up stuff I’ve put off for too long and really enjoyed the class. It was a film class based on films from Latin American and Mexican American history. It gave me a little reality dose about the culture and heritage of which I feel so loosely associated with, but it was nice to be with a few like minded people. The next semester will be just the boring academics, but none the less, steps closer to being where I want to be. Isn’t that what it’s about anyway?

Right right, anyway, I’ve been thinking about resolutions lately. They never stick for very long, but I thought about things that I’d like to vow, to myself. I vow to take more pride in my appearance, not in a shallow way, but in a way that I can feel good about myself. I vow to be better and responding to messages and going out more. This winter hit pretty hard emotionally and I became anti-social and unpleasant so I stayed in most of the time, but I know that I want the people I like around me, and they deserve better than an unresponse to text messages and invites. I vow to make it to at least one concert this year. Live music is amazing and gives such a great vibe, I need more positive like that in my life. I vow to try and take one vacation this year, out of state. There is a big world out there that I want to see, if I don’t do it now I’ll never get around to it. I vow to appreciate my boyfriend as much as humanly possible. He’s so good to me and makes me feel wonderful. I can only hope that I inspire the same feelings in him.

I vow to try to make at least one entry a month here. I feel like there are too many thoughts that I keep locked in my head and if I don’t ramble here, then I talk too much :p

Happy New Year readers. I hope it is a good one.

Love love and happy happy,