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Travel March 22, 2010

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. The boy’s parents,

I am writing to you from the high seas! Yes, I am on vacation and sitting aboard a ship’s internet cafe. On a cruise none the less to Cabo San Lucas. Now when I started this trip I came with the hope of avoiding the normal touristy crap and seeing the real town. As we sailed for two days I wondered about the melting pot of people I was thrown in to. for the first couple of days people seemed nice enough. However as we pulled into port and the co-eds of spring break emerged from the woodwork I was shown that American travelers have earned the bad rep that follows them like a cat following an injured mouse. Comments were made about how the smaller boats taking us into the marina were likely leased out by the Mexican army and other crap. As a family member waved to a passing boat and only a few waved back, I commented that the “white folks were none too friendly around these parts.” Our previously loud mouthed fellow passengers were now gleaming with a stern expression.

and I can’t help, but wonder, Where these people think that it is okay to make derogatory remarks about the people of a country that they are visiting? and then they wonder why they are not greeted with hospitality. Being mostly hispanic, but still being a U.S. citizen, I cannot help, but find myself incredibly offended by the ignorance of my fellow americans. People say you should learn the language when being in the U.S. , but then when you visit Mexico, whatsa matta gringo? You no espeake teh spanich?

I won’t lie, I wasn’t excited about this trip, but I still had some hope.

Now, I can’t wait to go home.

Today I did get to see the “real” Cabo. People who hustle in the sun peddling whatever they can to tourists, so that they can feed the children that sit near the back of their sales tents. Today I saw a people who are working as hard as they can, trying to make the best of what they have after being screwed over by their government. Today I saw a white boy probably experience his first taste of racism directed at him. He didn’t like it one bit, maybe he’ll learn his lesson? I doubt it. Poor ignorant son of a bitch.

Think before you judge,




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