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Isolation? June 12, 2010

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. The Boy’s Parents,

I would like to say that my excuse for not keeping up with my hope to post at least one entry a month is a good one. Of course, it isn’t. What is it that I do with my time anymore? Between work and seeing the boy on the weekend. That’s about it. I don’t go out on weeknights, I groan thinking about driving to the city on the weekend (and fighting parking, tolls and endless lines to the bar in a crowded room) I fear that I have become utterly boring.

Yet at the same time, it worries me that I’ve increasingly isolated myself from the people that I consider friends. While this worries me, it worries me more that my own insecurities may have caused further isolation. Or maybe it’s the distance. Or maybe, I worry too much about it.

Yet here I still sit on a beautiful Saturday because there is a Back to the future marathon on.

Of course, maybe this is just what happens when you “grow up” and/or “become an adult”

Either way. I hope to escape it soon.

Can I ever make it back?

Here’s hoping,